About Dave

Mission Statement: To boldly challenge and inspire individuals and organizations to live intentionally courageous lives.

HRC #5

I’m just a guy. Those are words I have often said to myself as I have compared myself to others. In most cases, I came up short in those comparisons. I’m just a guy but now I’m a guy on a journey to help others as we all journey through life. Like most people, who are willing to admit it, I struggle with my own courage, with wondering if there is any value in what I do and wrestling with my own worthiness.

My journey took a sharp turn in January of 2010 when I lost my job at 54 years of age. As you may remember, the economy was in the midst of a deep recession and the ranks of the unemployed grew seemingly exponentially every week. As weeks then months and then a couple of years went by of not getting hired I realized I needed to create work for myself. Throughout this time I struggled greatly with self-worth, situational depression, failure, marital challenges and wondering if things would ever get back to “normal.”

During this time I attended several job networking groups in an effort to find a “regular” job. In visiting with so many others in the same situation I began to find that just about everyone struggled with issues around fear, self-doubt, worthiness and other self-defeating behaviors and thought patterns. The interesting thing was that many of these people had wrestled with these issues when they were employed but never thought much about them because they didn’t have to because things were “ok.”

I began to visit with people who were employed and found many of them felt the same as those without work. I’ve talked with people who hate their jobs but don’t think they could ever do anything else, with a real estate agent who didn’t think he could ever sell a home over a certain value because it scared him, and with many people who simply said, “Oh, I could never do that. What if I failed?”

As I began to speak I began to realize that many of these people operated in their professions the same way. They operated more out of fear than courage and this had an impact on their success as well as the success of those around them.

I’m just a guy with a passion to help people and organizations become more courageous in their everyday lives both personally and professionally. I’m a speaker, a coach, and a trainer with a desire to help people be better than they think they can be, accomplish more than they think they can accomplish, and truly live an abundant life.


I have over thirty years experience in sales, sales management, and training and development. I relish the times when I can help people discover “aha” moments and their lives change because of something we have been working on together.

I am a certified DISC trainer and facilitator. I am also certified as a life/personal development coach. I am blessed to be the senior trainer/coach for David Horsager of Horsager Leadership and the author of The Trust Edge.

I have been married to my wife, Amy, for 33 years. We have two adult daughters, one son-in-law, and three amazing grandchildren.

Playing golf and basketball are two of my passions and I do both as often as I can. Laughter is another great passion of mine. I have a great appreciation for clean stand-up comedy, improv, and clever funny movies. I even graduated from Stevie Ray’s School of Improv!

As a Christian I work to live out my faith in all that I do. Each of my keynote presentations are based on Biblical principles and I am happy to work with faith based groups using the scriptural foundations as part of my presentations.


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