Who’s Leading Whom?

“I’m afraid to have the conversation because I’m afraid of how he is going to react!”

Those are the words of Bob, a manager I was coaching a few years ago. This wasn’t a conversation about firing the employee, but it was a difficult conversation that had been put off for too long already.

As a former manager I must admit that I also struggled, at times, to have tough conversations with people that I managed. Apparently, neither I, nor the manager I was coaching is alone.

I Hereby Authorize You To…

As I drove down the road the words from the podcast hit me like a snowball to the face.

“Secretly, I wanted to be magician but I didn’t give myself permission to do it.”

Those are the words of Christopher Hart as he visited with Bob Stromberg on his podcast “The Wide Eyed Creative.” While you may not know Christopher Hart by his name or his face you likely have seen him. His hand portrayed Thing in the Addams Family movies. You can check out Bob’s episode #24 here.

The Courage to Wait

As I entered the store, I was enthusiastically greeted by three highly energized employees. They thanked me for being there and then went into the reason for their excitement hoping I would be as thrilled as they were.

This national store that sells everything from, groceries to guns to glucose supplements, had developed a new app that would make my shopping experience so much better. The first two features of this new app were that I would no longer have to wait in line to purchase something and I would no longer have to wait in line to return something.

Ask…You Just Never Know

Dr. Brene Brown is the author of four #1 New York Times Best sellers. She has a Youtube video that is in the top five in number of views with over 30 million people watching.

In a nutshell, Dr. Brown is a big deal. I have read three of her four bestsellers and I greatly admire her work. She has had a huge impact in helping me courageously move forward in my work on courage.

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The Fear of Old Man Marley

If you’re like me, you are likely to begin watching classic holiday movies this Thanksgiving weekend.


One of my all time favorites is Home Alone. I’ve seen it several times but always enjoy it. One particular scene stands out to me as I have become so passionate about the subject of courage in our everyday lives.

An Early Flight, a Mohawk, and a Lesson Learned

The alarm went off at 4:45 am. I got out of bed, took a quick shower and got my things together to catch my 5:45 flight home. Fortunately, my hotel was right by the airport so I would be there in plenty of time.


The night before I had gone online and saw that the flight wasn’t very full. I changed seats to be in the bulkhead because all six seats were open. Yes! I’d be able to put up the armrests, put my ipod on and sleep until I got to Chicago undisturbed.

It was about 5:20 as they began boarding the plane. I am always one of the last ones to board because planes are very uncomfortable and I wait as long as I can to get on. Then I heard them.

The Race to Nowhere

One of the unexpected outcomes of doing what I do as a speaker is having people share their stories with me. If I had taken the time to process through what I do, likely I would have been able to figure out this might happen.

It is an incredibly humbling experience to have others share their accounts of things that have happened in their lives. Often, these are deeply painful stories that have been brought to the surface when they hear me speak. Often, these stories have been buried and purposely held below the surface in an attempt to drown them away.

Getting Your Ducks in a Row!

I recently had someone recommend a website to me about living fearlessly. I couldn’t remember the site but thought I would google it and see what I could find. There were 1,650,000 results attached to the phrase “living fearlessly.”

Baby Mallard Ducks

While I am sure that many of these results have only a semantic difference with what I talk about in being courageous I believe there is a vastly different message sent in telling people to live fearlessly.

Kinesiology, Courage, and a Broken Promise!

I put off taking this class as long as I could. Kinesiology. Just the title scared me and I had heard the professor was brilliant and a tough grader. I never was very good in the sciences and this class and professor lived up to the reputation.

Each week I worked as hard on this class as any class I had ever taken just to keep pace and keep my head above water.


It was about midway through the semester. The professor was always asking questions and calling on random students to answer them. I lived in fear every session. It was not uncommon for him to have to ask two or three students before he got the correct answer.