The Door Swings Both Ways

Fear is a door closer. Slammed shut. Tight. Darkness. The key is thrown away.

Courage is a door opener, a life changer.

You find the key and put it in the hole. Your hand is shaking. Slowly, you begin to turn with one hand while hanging on to the knob with the other. Sluggishly, the knob is turned, bit-by-bit. With foreboding, the door is pulled back, light, just a sliver at first.

Anxiousness quickly creeps back in and you close the door.

Your hand stays on the knob. You pause. Maybe that wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

Again, you turn the handle, a little bit quicker this time. You open the door just a little bit farther.

A quick peek out through the crack into the brightness reveals unimagined possibilities.

Fear tugs at the back of your coat and whispers, “Close the door. Come back in where it’s safe.”

At first, you listen. You step back and your brain begins to signal to your hand to close the door.

Something begins to well up inside of you. Courage.

Courage begins to speak. It’s a voice you haven’t heard very often.

“You can do this. You won’t believe what’s out there! Open the door!”

Take ten minutes today and watch this video of what happened when these two ladies in their seventies opened the door.

Do you have the courage to open the door to a whole new world of opportunities?

I dare you!

1 Timothy 1:7


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  • Craig R. Annis

    Oh my, how often is it you laugh, tear up, laugh and then really laugh (when they both fall down on the beach). Yes, this certainly does answer that question regarding fear and how it holds us back from some of life’s greatest joys! Here’s to Opening Doors!!!!