When in Doubt, Flee! NOT!

She pulled up in her soccer mom van like a woman on a mission!

My wife was working until noon, which left me in charge. We had a couple of friends who had added some of their once highly valued items to be sold with ours. One of those ladies, Marsha (all names have been changed to protect the innocent), was there to help me until my wife got home.

The advertised start time was 9 am. True to garage sale form, people started showing up at 8:30 paying no attention to the fact that we weren’t ready. When it comes to garage sales, start times are merely suggestions. Apparently, for the seasoned saler you disregard start times so you can get there early and grab all the good stuff before those with an understanding of social customs arrive.

As I sat at our check out table I noticed a van coming up the street at a pace that was a little faster than is appreciated in our quiet neighborhood. There was a parking spot open directly across the street and she pulled right into it. Maybe she had seen something on our facebook ad that she had to have and any delay might keep her from securing her treasure!

She placed her car in park and was ready to get out of her van when she looked out her driver side window. Her eyes got bigger. She put her seat belt back on and, as quickly as she had pulled in, she pulled away.

Well, that was interesting!

Then Marsha said, “That was Mary Johnson. She owes me $17.”

Marsha is an independent representative for a makeup product that is apparently all the rage. I wouldn’t know. Mary Johnson has been a customer of Marsha’s and apparently has an outstanding debt with Marsha. Marsha has reached out to her several times but to no avail, as Mary won’t get back with her.

This is a classic case of fear/avoidance that goes on in our lives every day and we often aren’t even aware of it.

Every time Mary gets a call or an e-mail from Marsha asking for her $17 her level of anxiety goes up. Her phone rings. She sees the number and decides to avoid Marsha by not answering. She sees the subject line in the e-mail and deletes it.

Every time she avoids dealing with the situation the weight of her avoidance gets heavier and heavier. As we saw that day, it was so heavy that she had to speed off from a garage sale!

Mary needs to muster up a little courage in order to get this over with. Every time she puts it off it just gets worse.

What conversation are you avoiding today? Is the weight of that avoidance getting heavier all the time? How will you react when you run into the person you’ve been hiding from?

Maybe it’s with a family member, or a co-worker, or a neighbor. It’s uncomfortable when you see them. It gets worse every time.

Today is the day. Muster up a bit of courage and reach out to them before they have to reach out to you, again. You’ll feel better when you do. I promise you!

Joshua 1:9


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