Greater Love Hath No Man Than This…

I sat in my living room and watched as they brought the flag draped casket into the church. I’m not sure why I wasn’t in school that day.

Daniel R. Bodin was killed on February 20, 1968 in Binh Thuan Province in Viet Nam. He was 19 years old. He was a member of the church that my dad pastored and dad was leading the funeral. I remember him talking to mom about what a difficult service it would be.


I was twelve and didn’t really know Daniel. I had seen him in church many times and knew who he was but that was about it. While I didn’t know him well I remember feeling a deep sense of loss because of how he died. He gave his life for my freedom. All those news reports of soldiers being killed that led the newscasts every night became very real.

In 2009 my wife and I took our first trip to Washington DC. We went to the Viet Nam War Memorial and I looked for Daniel’s name. I remember tearing up as I ran my fingers across the engraved letters of his name.

I write and speak about courage in everyday life. The courage of a soldier or a policeman or a fireman is at a level that I can’t comprehend.

Thank you, Daniel, and thank you to all those who died and those who served so that I might be free. There are not words to express my gratitude.

John 15:13


This is re-posted from May 30, 2016

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  • Alex Daniel Cabrera

    Honored to read this…Thank you.

    • Thank you, Alex, and thank you for your service!

  • Flag draped coffins always bring a tear to my eye.

    • Yes, they do, don’t they. We are reminded that someone is no longer with us and they have passed because they were protecting us. That is very humbling.