More Like One Out of a Million!

The headline is the response of Mary Swanson to Lloyd Christmas in the movie Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd asks her what the chances are of them ending up together as a couple.

If you haven’t seen the movie you would guess that Lloyd would be greatly disappointed at Mary’s response to his question. Lloyd is about as dorky and unsophisticated as they come. In his mind, however, he is the exact opposite. Mary, on the other hand, is the epitome of the ideal woman; beautiful, intelligent, wealthy, refined. Her response was her best effort to let Lloyd down easy.

You can check out this one-minute video on Youtube to take in the scene here.

Most of us, if given the chance of one in a million, would give up, walk away, or accept defeat. Not Lloyd. Where most of us would see insurmountable odds Lloyd saw possibility.

“So, you’re telling me there’s a chance,” Lloyd shouts with utter triumph and enthusiasm.

Recently, I’ve had two separate conversations with people struggling to see the world as Lloyd sees it. Both are highly accomplished, intelligent, and talented people. Both have dreams of wanting something more, something different. In each case, those dreams will make a big difference for many others. These dreams aren’t about the dreamers but about those they can help.

When I speak and coach I talk about the “Theory of the Crack” to individuals, companies and organizations. This concept was taught to me by the great people at Top 20 Training. This is a belief that allows us to see opportunity and possibility where most people see none. Lloyd understood the theory of the crack. He saw that one in million as an opening, a crack that gave him hope.

In my own life I used to say to myself that I could never be a speaker and a coach. That was something other “special” people did. Learning about the theory of the crack was a huge “aha” moment for me in changing my mindset and thinking more like Lloyd. Now, I’m doing it and am incredibly blessed to do what I love!

The crack incorporates the word “maybe” into our language and thought process. At one time, my thought process was very definitive as I would say to myself, “I could never make a living as a speaker and a coach.” Simply inserting the word “maybe” in front of that very absolute statement opens the door into Lloyd’s world. “Maybe I can’t” becomes “maybe I can” and there is hope.

It takes courage to think like Lloyd. It takes courage to see the one in a million.

Look closely at the picture that accompanies this post. You see a stalk of corn growing out of cement in the middle of a road. I took this picture. It is real. It is the theory of the crack. One would never think corn can grow in the middle of a road. Maybe corn can never grow in the middle of a road, but maybe it can. All it needs to do is find a crack. This seed found a crack and grew where one would never think it could happen.

Don’t think you can write that book? Maybe you can’t but…maybe you can!

Too old to go back to school? Maybe you are but…maybe you aren’t!

Don’t think you’re smart enough to start and run your own business? Maybe you aren’t but…maybe you are!

Do you have the courage to think like Lloyd?

Do you have the courage to see one in a million as a crack that gives you hope?

Are you looking for a speaker for an upcoming event? I’d love to help you and your team become more like Lloyd! Please send me an e-mail to and let’s talk.

Ephesians 3:20


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