3 Lessons on Courageous Leadership from Saving Mr. Banks

I love reading and studying on leadership and culture. With all that I’ve learned over the years you would think I wouldn’t mess up with people as often as I do. I need to be a better listener and I need to stop jumping to conclusions about situations and about people.

disneyMy wife and I were fortunate to have our family with us for the Easter holiday. On Saturday night we made some popcorn and watched Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks. If you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend it. If you have seen it you may want to see it again as I’m sure I will. I’ll do my very best to not give anything away in this writing.

How Does Fear Show Up?

We can have fear without having courage but we cannot have courage without experiencing fear first.

By definition Merriam-Webster defines courage as mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

So in order to really live lives of courage we first have to recognize the fear in our lives and how it shows up.

The Contrast Effect

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear a young man speak on how to Outperform the Norm.

His name was Scott Welle and he speaks and coaches on developing skills that help you perform, in whatever way that means to you, at higher levels than you might think possible.

Scott is a highly trained athlete and he has found a way to share his success with others so they might find their own level of unexpected success.