Sometimes Courage Takes a While

It was a gathering of coaches; college, high school, youth, men’s, women’s, boy’s and girl’s from a wide variety of different sports.

The topic was Integrity in Coaching. Two of the panelists were longtime coaches in the small community in which I live. Both had distinguished themselves as successful from a wins and losses standpoint but, more importantly, both were known for being men of integrity who placed that value ahead of the success measure most coaches are evaluated on.

How to Deal With Fear

By Michael Scott, Regional Sales Manager, Dunder-Mifflin

“It’s very scary stuff!”


Those are the words sheepishly uttered by Dunder-Mifflin Regional Sales Manager Michael Scott when he was asked by his administrative assistant Pam Beesly why he had waited so long before deciding who he was going to fire.

Scott’s corporate office had apparently told him some time ago that he was going to need to let someone in his office go for budgetary reasons. He received a call from his boss on his morning arrival in his office asking who it was he had decided to release.

Are You Seeing What I’m Seeing?

It is always fascinating to me how two, or even three or four people can view the same thing or the same situation and see completely different things.

The NCAA men’s basketball championship was played recently. North Carolina was the winner of the game but this is about the loser, Gonzaga University.

Now, if you’re not a basketball fan, please don’t check out of this blog. Gonzaga basketball is merely a tool to share my point today!

3 Lessons on Courageous Leadership from Saving Mr. Banks

I love reading and studying on leadership and culture. With all that I’ve learned over the years you would think I wouldn’t mess up with people as often as I do. I need to be a better listener and I need to stop jumping to conclusions about situations and about people.

disneyMy wife and I were fortunate to have our family with us for the Easter holiday. On Saturday night we made some popcorn and watched Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks. If you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend it. If you have seen it you may want to see it again as I’m sure I will. I’ll do my very best to not give anything away in this writing.