Mission Statement: To boldly challenge and inspire individuals and organizations to live intentionally courageous lives.


I provide a variety of services to individuals and organizations all designed to help people be better than they think they can be and do things they think might not be possible. My services focus in three main areas: Speaking, Training and Coaching.

Most Requested Keynote Topics:

FaviconCultivating Courage: In this presentation I provide simple, practical tools to help business and organizations become more productive, more passionate, more engaged and more energized with a greater possibility for new vision. Learn to stand and be counted as a difference maker and not just a crowd follower. The words I hear most often about this presentation are authentic, genuine, sincere, life-changing, and inspiring.

FaviconCourageous Leadership: In a 2012 study Forbes Magazine found that nearly 2/3 of all U.S. workers were dissatisfied in their work. Leadership plays a major role in developing a culture that determines an employees level of engagement or disengagement. People often lead the way they have been led, manage the way they have been managed, and even parent the way they were parented. There is a courageous way to lead but it requires leaders to look internally to make a difference in their organizations externally. This presentation focuses on creating an awareness in leaders to see their world and their employees differently ultimately making a difference on their company’s bottom line.

Training Workshops: Both of my keynote topics can also be presented as workshops. Please contact me to talk about customizing a presentation for you. Other workshops available are:

FaviconDISC Behavioral Profile – DISC is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major divisions called personalit styles. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behvioral characteristics common to that style. This simple, but profound assessment provides great insight into human motivation, compatibility, communication, diversity, self-awareness and greater awareness of those around you. DISC is beneficial both in one’s personal and professional life. This tool can be applied to enhances relationships, inform decisions, provide better communication and improve mutual understanding. The DISC training is a foundation for the other training events on communication and conflict resolution.

FaviconEffective Communication in the Workplace – Much of miscommunication in our daily lives both personally and professionally is a result of not recognizing how we communicate as well as how others communicate. This course will focus on communication in the areas of speaking effectively, listening effectively, understanding non-verbal communication as well as communication filters.

FaviconConflict Resolution in the Workplace – Much of conflict in our daily lives bother personally and professionally is the result of miscommunication. In this course we will focus on understanding why conflict occurs, conflict styles, the value of conflict, as well as develop an awareness of how each individual manages conflict and steps to effective conflict resolution.

All presentations and workshops can be customized to your specific needs and audience. I am happy to visit with you to see how we can make any of these presentations a great experience for you and your teams.

Coaching: As a certified coach I am trained to partner with individuals to help them achieve improvement, change, or specific goals in their personal or professional life. This can be done in person, over the phone or through Skype, FaceTime or similar technology. Please contact me using the contact form to discuss your coaching needs.                                                                                                                                                                         Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.59.41 PM